6.86+ | Arc Warden included.


Important! DotaGrid was meant as an ad-hoc tool. Support not guaranteed, updates may not be frequent or may not come at all. Use at your own risk / pleasure!

Warning! DotaGrid probably only works for 1920 x 1080 resolutions, and may screw up your settings on other resolutions.

Click a cell. Then click another to switch them.

Dota Layout File Format

Copy-paste to e.g. /dota/cfg/layouts/yourfilename.txt. File has to be in ANSI encoding (often the default).

Save DotaGrid

Save the code below to load it later on. In this alpha version you'll have to use the clipboard and your favorite text editor.

Load DotaGrid

Load a saved grid. Paste a saved DotaGrid (text you saved from the box next to this one) into this area below and hit "Load Grid":